Winning campaigns requires getting your candidate's face out there and reaching people with compelling video. We will work with you to craft a polished campaign video that showcases your candidates' background, achievements, and passion for making a difference.

90 second bio piece

As a former three term member of the United States Congress I have had considerable
experience with campaign social media providers and Colin was excellent in all the
important aspects of the job, he was creative, skilled and delivered as promised. 

Hon. Elizabeth Furse, US House of Representatives.  Read full testimonial.

Candidate for Chair of Washington County Commission Allen Amabisca outlines his background and why he is running.

1 minute Bio piece

Colin did a great job editing a promotional video for our campaign. He was extremely responsive and delivered a finished product ahead of schedule, which means a lot during a fast-paced campaign where every day counts.

- Peter Koehler, Campaign Director. Read more testimonials.